About Us

Sebastian Langkamer

Owner, Sommelier

If you ask any wine enthusiast how they got into wine, there is normally a good story behind it, and it normally starts with a very good wine. I remember mine like it was yesterday: a 1999 Bourgueil Cabernet Franc. At the time, I had no idea what any of those words meant and I probably would have struggled to articulate what it was about that wine that I enjoyed so much. So what was it that made it stand out? What made this wine different from everything else that I had tried up until that point?

The difference was that someone had actually taken the time to talk to me about what it was I was drinking. As I sat and listened to the life story of this wine, I was slowly starting to understand not just about the intricacy of flavour and texture, but of every geographical, cultural, and historical influence that had made it come to be. Suddenly, I was no longer in a moody wine bar in West London. I was strolling through the vineyards of the sun-kissed Garden of France, the Loire Valley. I was surrounded by the white brick of Renaissance Chateaux, the turquoise waters of the canals and fountains, and the vibrant palette of rolling hills, roses, and tulips. I could smell the cherry fields and apple orchards, taste the mineral-rich air of the Loire river and hear the afternoon church bells ring. Quite simply, I had been transported.

There are many gateways to understanding and enjoying the many different cultures of the world. To me, discovering a great glass of wine is as fulfilling as discovering a great book, film, or piece of art. And what makes a wine great? According to world-renowned wine author, journalist, and consultant Karen MacNeil, β€œGreat wines incite emotion. They stop you in your tracks, send chills down your spine. Great wines appeal not only to the intellect; they have the rare power to make us feel.”

I started this business with the intention of sharing some of these moments. In a constantly changing world where travel and discovery is often unavailable, sometimes the easiest way to find a little adventure is to get together with your loved ones, open a bottle, and tour the glass.